Register a family's homestudy

We encourage social workers from Massachusetts to register their families' completed homestudies with MARE immediately after approval. Once a family's homestudy is registered with MARE:

  • Their Child Interest Criteria will be compared with all of the waiting children registered with MARE to identify prospective matches statewide.
  • If a potential match is identified, MARE will forward the family’s homestudy to the child’s social workers, with a cc: to the family's worker.
  • Registered families benefit from the opportunity to attend invite-only events including small matching parties and Family Support activities.

Be sure to let us know of any changes in the family’s status or matching criteria and to submit any updates made to the homestudy. The more current the information that we have, the better we will be able to help facilitate a match.

For questions regarding homestudy registration, please contact Diane Tomaz, Director of Family Support Services.


Only social workers can register families' homestudies. If you're a social worker, either log in or create an account