Register/Update a child

The first step in utilizing any of MARE's child recruitment opportunities is to register the child with MARE.  Children must be registered with MARE to participate in adoption parties and matching events.  Children appropriate for MARE services should:

  • Have a permanency goal of adoption and no permanent resource identified
  • Be registered within 60 days of goal change
  • Have had an adoption assessment completed
  • Have been referred to ADLU for secondary worker
  • Have a picture sent to your Child Services Coordinator of the child/sibling group
  • For sibling groups, register each child separately

Once a child is registered with MARE and all required information has been submitted:

  • Within three business days the child will be featured on the Waiting Child Profiles page on the MARE website.  Profiles of legally freed children will be accessible to all website visitors.  Children at legal risk will only be viewable by verified homestudied families in New England/New York and Massachusetts social workers.  If appropriate for national recruitment, children may also be featured on the website with the consent of their worker.
  • The child's needs will be compared with the preferences and skills of homestudied families registered with MARE.  If potential matches are identified, MARE forwards the family's homestudy directly to the child's adoption and recruitment workers.
  • When a family inquires about a particular child, the Child Services Coordinator will provide preliminary screening to verify if the inquiry is appropriate based on the child’s needs and the family’s skills. If appropriate, the family’s information and homestudy will be sent to the child’s worker for consideration.
  • The Child Services Coordinator will be in contact with the child's worker to explore additional child recruitment opportunities where appropriate, such as the Heart Gallery, Wednesday's Child, or Video Snapshots.


Only social workers can register children. If you're a social worker, either log in or create an account