The Neighborhood


Successful stories of adoption from foster care are only possible with the support, compassion, and determination of a wider community: a neighborhood of supporters, cheerleaders, donors, and collaborators who know that there’s a permanent family out there for every single child. 


Youth in foster care face enormous obstacles in their journeys to adoption. But together, we can find adoptive families for each one of them. When you join The Neighborhood, you'll take action from wherever you are, whenever you can, to find adoptive homes for kids in need. 



Each month, you’ll receive an email explaining a specific action you can take to be a neighbor to kids in foster care. Those actions might include things like...


  • Sharing a child’s portrait from MARE’s Facebook page 

  • Starting your own peer-to-peer email campaign 

  • Sharing your story about why you support adoption from foster care 

  • Becoming a monthly donor
  • Hosting a movie night with family and friends to encourage discussions about adoption

And while you won’t be required to take action every month, you're encouraged to get creative and participate as often as you can! The more you participate, the more access you’ll gain to things like limited edition t-shirts and other perks that show how much we appreciate your dedication and commitment to the cause. 


By taking action, you’ll be raising awareness for adoption from foster care among your own network, potentially reaching people who don't know about the urgent need for adoptive families in Massachusetts. The more families you reach, the more likely a child in foster care will be to find one of their own. 


Together, as a neighborhood, we’ll find adoptive homes for more kids in foster care than ever before.



Get signed up and start making a difference!