Who We Are

Our Mission


The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) finds adoptive homes for children and teens waiting in foster care.


MARE, a private non-profit agency founded in 1957, provides a unique facilitating role within the Massachusetts adoption community.  We are the central clearinghouse for information about adoption from foster care for families. We collaborate with the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families (DCF) and contracted adoption agencies to connect potential adoptive parents with youth waiting for adoption.   


MARE develops public awareness and recruitment programs to inform the public about the children who wait, and who can adopt from foster care.  We use these programs to attract potential adoptive families and then help them navigate the adoption process.  These programs also serve to recruit adoptive families for specific waiting children.



Our Vision


To find a permanent home for every child in foster care awaiting adoption.

All children need and deserve to grow up in a permanent loving family where they know they belong.  We believe that there is a family for every waiting child. We look to a diverse group of individuals and families to come forward and consider building their family through adoption.


To provide support services to families and children throughout the adoption process thus creating stable placements.


We support all interested potential parents to help them reach their goal – to parent a child or children.  Through our innovative programs and committed staff, we bridge the gap between children waiting for adoption, potential adoptive families, and social workers.


To make MARE one of the best non-profits to work for in Massachusetts.


We strive to create an environment where each individual person is respected and encouraged to share equally and equitably within the agency.  We strive to provide each person with the tools and skills necessary to be successful in their role at MARE.



Our Values




We use optimism, inclusiveness, and diligence as ways to express our value of Compassion.





We promote creativity, adaptability, education, and urgency as our drivers of Innovation.





Our mission is predicated on collaboration with social workers, families, funders, and institutions and we hold this value to the highest test each and every day. 


When we promote the Values of Compassion, Innovation, and Collaboration, we accomplish our mission of finding more adoptive families for our waiting children in foster care.



Racial Equity Statement


MARE recognizes that systemic racism in the United States has resulted in over-representation of children of color in the foster care system, longer waits for their permanent placement in loving adoptive homes, and higher rates of aging out of foster care without permanency.  Among other things, systemic racism has led to higher rates of state removal of children from their biological families, barriers to entry into the adoption process for families of color, and an understandable lack of trust within communities of color toward state child welfare agencies. 


MARE is committed to pursuing policies, practices, and strategies that address the inequities that children of color in the foster care system face.  We adamantly believe that every child deserves a permanent family and that no child should age out of foster care without the love, connection, and support that comes from permanency.  To that end, we are reexamining our role, reprioritizing our work, and exploring ways to close the permanency gap and increase the rate of permanent placements for children of color in Massachusetts.


Specifically, we are recommitted to: 


  • Increasing the rate of adoption for children of color 

  • Making every effort to facilitate the placement of children of color with parents who are advocates for the child’s positive racial and cultural identity and who will provide ongoing opportunities for the children to experience and maintain their connection to their own culture
  • Utilizing community networks to recruit adoptive families of color and enhancing our relationships with community-based organizations within communities of color 

  • Committing resources and targeted efforts to recruit families of color into the foster care adoption process 

  • Providing support, education, and resources to prospective adoptive families during the adoption process, recognizing the unique needs of families considering transracial adoption in creating meaningful cultural connections for children of color

  • Providing intensive, individualized recruitment services for children of color to decrease the amount of time they wait for permanency