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From the moment you meet Xavier, you experience his kindness and compassion.

Video shoots rarely go as planned. Xavier’s video snapshot shoot was not an exception. After getting stuck in Boston traffic and arriving at the shoot 30 minutes late, I was flustered, to say the least. Despite the issues it took to get to the shooting location, when I arrived, Xavier was eager and ready to get started. While my tardiness deterred me for a moment, Xavier’s calm and collected demeanor helped me stabilize myself and get ready for the shoot.  

Xavier’s empathy and graciousness is palpable. While I was scrambling to get my equipment set-up, racing against the setting sun, Xavier was patient and understanding. He is the definition of a trooper. Watching him practice basketball on a cold and brisk Massachusetts afternoon showed his dedication to what he loves. And boy, does he love basketball.  

Xavier’s favorite team is, obviously, the Boston Celtics. He admires Jayson Tatum and his impressive ability to shoot perfect 3-pointers. Xavier has many goals, from becoming a construction worker to playing in the NBA as his role model. He has been playing basketball for a while, enjoying the game because of the pure joy it brings to his life. Whether it be in a game for his school or just shooting hoops, Xavier is happy if he’s on the basketball court.  

His admirable “team player” attitude can be seen in other facets of Xavier’s life. He is a great friend who always looks out for those around him, even going as far as to report a pothole to the city, adamantly making sure the road is safe for everyone to drive on. 

xavier basketball 600h

Xavier’s favorite subjects in school are gym and math. In math, Xavier particularly enjoys solving problems, sharing that the process helps calm him down. A curious person, Xavier is always asking questions and furthering his education both inside and outside the classroom. His interests go beyond just sports. Xavier is a big fan of the SpongeBob movie and TV show as well as musical artist Drake. He also enjoys creating art and anything that requires him to use his hands.  

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Jer’Nyia has biological siblings who are important to her. Her future adoptive family should support and encourage these bonds. 

The ideal family for Jer’Nyia is one with at least one strong female figure with or without younger children in the home. Although Jer'Nyia does not have a preference concerning the race of her future family, she would like her them to understand her culture.  

JerNyia HG 3 - Judy West (landscape crop)

Xavier would do best in a family where he is the only child or the youngest child by many years. Having a pet would be an added bonus for Xavier. Charming and intelligent, Xavier is a considerate young man with a can-do attitude hoping to find a forever home. 

Could your family be a good match?

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