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Beyond Balance Sheets: KPMG's Race to Support Youth in Foster Care

Beyond Balance Sheets: KPMG's Race to Support Youth in Foster Care

In the bustling corridors of KPMG, where spreadsheets and strategies often dominate the conversation, there's one voice championing a cause far different from accounting. That is Stephen Briggs, a passionate MARE board member whose commitment to making a difference has ignited a movement within his corner of the world. 

"I always emphasize the importance of a well-rounded life, which includes giving back to the community and engaging with organizations like MARE—it gives you a sense of purpose," shares Steve, his voice carrying the weight of his conviction. 

1 The KPMG team participating in the Walk/Run in 2017.
2 Part of the KPMG team at last year's Walk/Run.
3 A KPMG runner at the 2018 edition.
4 Steve Briggs and family waiting for a balloon animal.


He first learned about MARE through his wife, a dedicated social worker. Now, almost a decade later, as he approaches the end of his term as a board member, Steve is gearing up to celebrate by running another Jordan’s Walk/Run for Adoption in support of children in foster care. But he is not doing it alone – his family, friends, and coworkers are rallying beside him. Among them is Kevin Cotreau, who has been accompanying Steve since 2016.  

"I first attended the Walk/Run with my then-girlfriend, now wife. A lot has changed since those early days. Now, we bring our kids along, and even my parents join us. My connection to MARE has deepened over time, especially since parenting a child in state custody," shares Kevin, reflecting on his journey since first joining the Walk/Run at Steve’s invitation. 

Throughout the years, the KPMG team has rallied together, with between 10 to 20 people consistently participating in the event. One of them is Maura Hodge, who, an adoptee herself, found the Walk/Run to be a great opportunity to learn about adoption from foster care in a casual setting and connect with others going through the process. 

“MARE was instrumental in getting us the training we needed to be licensed to become pre-adoptive parents and helped us make the connection to Malakai and his team of social workers. We are so grateful for the work they do to find kids their forever homes. This year, we’ll be walking for Malakai and his biological brothers, who are currently looking for adoption placements as well,” Maura shared. 

Next Sunday, the KPMG team will meet again at the starting line. In Steve's eyes, this isn't just about participating in a fun event; it's about coming together as a community to support a cause that truly matters—one step at a time.

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