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Transformative Connections for Kids in Foster Care

Transformative Connections for Kids in Foster Care

Weekend Family Connections is one of our newest and most innovative programs at MARE (there's only a few other programs like it in the entire country). We really believe that helping kids in residential programs reconnect to family life and caring adults can have long-lasting, transformative effects for them. We sat down with Lindsey Brynjolfsson, our Director of Specialized Programs, to talk about the impact Weekend Family Connections is having:


We couldn't be more excited about the future of Weekend Family Connections! So far, 50% of all kids who participate in Weekend Family Connections have had potential adoptive matches with families as a result.


One of our host families, the Albert family, opened up about their experience matching with, meeting, and getting to know Ethan, a young man waiting to be adopted. Their story is a testament to the hard work and dedication that host families put into the program, and the caring support a youth can receive as a result. While the process was not always smooth, the Albert family has embraced Ethan, and he has embraced them right back.

"We got to the point where we have no kids at home... but that isn’t where we are our best selves. To have someone who needs things so simple as two people playing cards, or to listen to them or read them a story - those are things we can definitely provide. That meant we were having more fun as well.”

- Mike and Laina Albert